Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

King Tut's Tomb


Rupert and Zal attempted for a second time to find magical items for their shop. In a run down flat, at the end of the hall barely noticeable to passersby, they found “King Tut’s Tomb”…..upon entering, a shop jammed with every possible knick knack, behind the counter was an exact twin of a former enemy, Miss Cleo. She seemed ready for Ruperts arrival, and the two struck a deal to deal in magic items, and Rupert purchased another odd painting by the same artist.

Free Bennie for the first player to message me within the portal. The race is on.
h6. Claimed by dv8r666 June 3rd 2016


message you how?

King Tut's Tomb
Krampus Krampus

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