The Cats

The Cats....All of them.


Allies of Rupert Harrington III

Attacks can be individual, medium or large blast templet. Can only be sued in places where able numbers of cats are available.
Single cats do little damage to large creatures but in large numbers they can be deadly.

Digits : Direct contact of Rupert to Bast. Found in the apt of a numbers runner. Rupert was clinically insane at the time of “rescuing” Digits. Has a collar with a series of numbers printed on the inside. (24-73-81-04) Assigned to watch over and support Rupert in his endeavours. Being assigned a human sidekick allowed digits to move up the ranks in the cat court.

Bartholomew.: Chatty cat part of the investigation cat Unit. (played by Shane). Part of the unit that investigated. Mid-level ranking officer in the cat court.


The Cats

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