Father Maxwell Ripley


Born to a successful banker in Chicago, Maxwell grew up assuming he’d go into banking, as his family had for generations. His father always told him “We may not own the money of the rich, but we control it, which is more powerful than they realize”.

On Ripley’s 12th birthday, everything changed. Being devout Catholics, they attended Church as usual. Maxwell shook the hand of the local bishop only to experience a vison of the Bishop taking from the poor fund. He told his father, who watched the Bishop the next week and confirmed his suspicions…

Maxwell began his schooling towards Seminary school at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish Nova Scotia, Canada. He excelled in classes, but also joined the Boxing team where he won several University championships. His ability to see things also aided him to become more in tune with the spirits, and was recruited to become an Exorcist.

Maxwell is a specialist with people. He knows when someone is truly possessed or simply disturbed. He has spent decades traveling and helping as many people as he can, one way or the other.

Shipley’s paintings have caused many to become possessed by the forces of evil, and under the orders of the Vatican, Father Ripley has tracked him to London in the hopes of putting an end to his Satanic ways…

Father Maxwell Ripley

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