Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Planning the fall of the Ju Ju House

ticket_1st.jpg The team continues is preparation for the take down of the Ju Ju house. Pearl and William purchase tickets for France about the opulent Mauretania. Chester and Pearl have a Deck A Stateroom the rest of the team will be staying on C deck to reduce costs.

William Butcher drums up even more support from the KKK. Chester spends time trying to access his secret agencies weapons and vehicles thinking that a good getaway car might be the trick.

Research is done into the Amulet of Nodens and the strange secrets it occults. Its strange mercurial movements unnerve even the strongest of investigators. A strong connection between a God or a Demon by the name of Noden’s is recognized in “The People of the Monolith”.

As the team discusses the amulet and how to proceed a huge thunderous boom is heard on the room of Chester’s building. Bricks and window glass tumbles into the streets and a looming shadow is seen to fill the street in front of Argosy.
Chester in an act of pure bravery or perhaps madness holds the amulet over his head and lower the amulet around his neck….
Will this be his undoing?


Krampus dv8r666

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