Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Aftermath at the Argosy

Blackest betrayals! Tragedy! Tremors! Grim preparations!

By now, the gore and viscera have been discreetly removed from the book store by a mysterious team of “cleaners” yet the suffocating layer of hopelessness remains. For former comrades-in-arms have committed betrayal against our adventurers and otherworldly parasites have been exposed as the force behind the reanimated dead. Normal mortal minds would have lost their senses after witnessing such abominations, but our steadfast heroes somehow cling to their sanity.

Outside the Argosy, the hubbub eventually dies down after the N.Y.P.D. and the crowds of curious bystanders dissipate. Everyone is amazed at the streak of recent mishaps that have befallen such a nondescript shop culminating in last night’s gas leak: “Someone at the city sewer department really ought to take care of that!”

Suddenly in the wee hours of the morn, am ominous rumble cascades throughout the ground beneath New York. Is this a mere shifting of the tectonic plates or…an omen?

Even as the main force of investigators collect their wits and plan their next move at Mort’s Diner next door, dark forces are afoot. Against all hope, they plot an unbelievable gambit to outmanoeuvre the cult and somehow retrieve what remains of Jonah Kensington and their former companion Diego “Short Round” Sanchez. Moreover, they somehow plan to escape New York City by boat in the ensuing chaos.

Unbeknownst to them, the Argosy is not the only victim to have been left scarred by the events of the past night.

Hours earlier, the sinister Cult of the Bloody Tongue mortally wounded William Butcher by forcing him to choose between his daughters for slaughter and cruelly maiming the remaining one and his beloved wife. Shattered and shell-shocked, Butcher has decided to call upon a favour from the hooded hordes of the Klan: There will be a cross-burning that the New York ni**ers won’t forget any time soon!


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Aftermath at the Argosy
Krampus Krampus

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