Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

In the Beginning ( A summary)
Room 401

The team received a telegram from their good friend Jackson Elias. He claimed to have important information regarding the Carlyle expedition and wanted to meet with them on Jan 15th. The team arrived to find their friend brutally torn apart and a strange symbol carved into his forehead. Before they were able to take in the situation they were attacked by 5 assailants. A violent battle broke out leaving all the the assailants dead.

The only information they were able to retrieve came in the form of bloodied documents and papers. If they wanted to know more about their friends death it was going to take some digging.

Arrested by he police the team found themselves badly mistreated by the NYPD. Aggressive often vile interrogation tactics left them feeling very alienated from the police force, which was unable to hold the team longer in part to a lack of evidence suggesting anything other than self defence. Chester Carlyle used his influence to further effect the NYPD’s resolve in the matter. They were released on a warning and began following the clue trail.

Investigation of the Ju Ju House
A dangerous game?

The team having returned from Arkham prepares to invstigate the Ju Ju house.

Our publisher friend,Jonah Kensington, has been missing for some time, we go to the police in brooklyn only to be followed. The Cops joined us to go to the apt, and were followed as well. While investigating the apt, a shoot out with police, and 4 of the cultist wind up dead. We give the cops the address of the Ju Ju House.

Back at the bookstore, Philipe and his sister show up and try to boss us around, with 4 of their goons. With the help of come friendly neighbourhood cats and every gun we have, the goons and Philpe and his sister are dispatched. The hell monkey living in the walls of the bookstore is taken care of as well. The weird bug thing in Philpe escaped, but the one in his sister is squished by a book(er) (see what I did there?). Despite the chaos of the store, Chester calls in a clean team before the cops arrive…

Aftermath at the Argosy
Blackest betrayals! Tragedy! Tremors! Grim preparations!

By now, the gore and viscera have been discreetly removed from the book store by a mysterious team of “cleaners” yet the suffocating layer of hopelessness remains. For former comrades-in-arms have committed betrayal against our adventurers and otherworldly parasites have been exposed as the force behind the reanimated dead. Normal mortal minds would have lost their senses after witnessing such abominations, but our steadfast heroes somehow cling to their sanity.

Outside the Argosy, the hubbub eventually dies down after the N.Y.P.D. and the crowds of curious bystanders dissipate. Everyone is amazed at the streak of recent mishaps that have befallen such a nondescript shop culminating in last night’s gas leak: “Someone at the city sewer department really ought to take care of that!”

Suddenly in the wee hours of the morn, am ominous rumble cascades throughout the ground beneath New York. Is this a mere shifting of the tectonic plates or…an omen?

Even as the main force of investigators collect their wits and plan their next move at Mort’s Diner next door, dark forces are afoot. Against all hope, they plot an unbelievable gambit to outmanoeuvre the cult and somehow retrieve what remains of Jonah Kensington and their former companion Diego “Short Round” Sanchez. Moreover, they somehow plan to escape New York City by boat in the ensuing chaos.

Unbeknownst to them, the Argosy is not the only victim to have been left scarred by the events of the past night.

Hours earlier, the sinister Cult of the Bloody Tongue mortally wounded William Butcher by forcing him to choose between his daughters for slaughter and cruelly maiming the remaining one and his beloved wife. Shattered and shell-shocked, Butcher has decided to call upon a favour from the hooded hordes of the Klan: There will be a cross-burning that the New York ni**ers won’t forget any time soon!

Planning the fall of the Ju Ju House

ticket_1st.jpg The team continues is preparation for the take down of the Ju Ju house. Pearl and William purchase tickets for France about the opulent Mauretania. Chester and Pearl have a Deck A Stateroom the rest of the team will be staying on C deck to reduce costs.

William Butcher drums up even more support from the KKK. Chester spends time trying to access his secret agencies weapons and vehicles thinking that a good getaway car might be the trick.

Research is done into the Amulet of Nodens and the strange secrets it occults. Its strange mercurial movements unnerve even the strongest of investigators. A strong connection between a God or a Demon by the name of Noden’s is recognized in “The People of the Monolith”.

As the team discusses the amulet and how to proceed a huge thunderous boom is heard on the room of Chester’s building. Bricks and window glass tumbles into the streets and a looming shadow is seen to fill the street in front of Argosy.
Chester in an act of pure bravery or perhaps madness holds the amulet over his head and lower the amulet around his neck….
Will this be his undoing?

Radioactive Chester

hunting_horror.jpgThe Hunting horror on the roof of Argosy chased the team through the night sky doing serious damage to the rooftops of New York and raining bricks into the streets. Booker was very nearly lost to the horrors attacks. Finally the team confronted the horror in Central park just as Chester’s radioactivity reached full potential. With help from Rupert Harrington III, Chester was able to aim the blast despite the multi dimensional hallucinations the two were having. Rupert called upon favours from Bast but to little avail.
A full blast of energy spit forth from Chester’s mouth and eyes levelling the horror to nothing more than soft ashes in the night sky.

The amulet slipped off of Chesters neck and seemingly with a life of its own attempted to make an escape when Booker snatched it out of the air with on hand. But not before noticing that the gemstone in the centre no longer reflected the bright greens and blues it had before. Perhaps something has left the amulet? Can it be replaced?


Back at Argosy the team rested and patched each other up. Dr. Carlyle treated the team for radiation poisoning. It seems that Chester and Rupert have a favour to repay.

Ninja Cats
Secret foray into the Ju Ju house

Rupert used his connection to Bast, goddess of cats, to put together a small team of felines for the sole purpose of investigating the Ju-Ju house.
Napoleon had a terrible time getting in tumbling off crates and ending up finding a way through from the abandoned shop next door. Barotholomew, Shadow and Bojangles climbed in through an upper story window into the bedroom of Silas N’Kwane. He was awoken when the crates outside tipped over and he quickly shut the window. unable to sleep Silas N’Kwane indulged in mortification of the flesh with a leather strap set with broken glass.

The team headed through a vent to the lower floors where they encountered a sleepy dog. They found a secret hatch under a rug and were almost discovered when a shadowy figure arrived.
SIlas and the figure spoke of preparations and of a mother with child that would be needed for the next ceremony. The two villains headed down into the darkness below as the cats vanished out the from door.
Napoleon broke through wall and dodged a pack of hungry rats.

Mauritania Sets Sail


Booker was inexplicably aided in his escape by underworld “colleagues”.
Diego Sanchez was pushed back into the flaming building by McGurk who takes the trumpet from him before vanishing.
has a large section of alien flesh still affixed to her side.
The team escaped through the underground tunnels with assistance from the cats.

Safe aboard the Mauritania Booker LaChance , Chester Carlyle , Rupert Harrington III and Persephone ‘Pearl’ Carlyle secure themselves in the hidden compartment deep in the belly of the ship, but will such precautions be enough to keep them safe……Only time will tell.

Getting On The Boat
Adventures In International Waters

The first few days aboard the RMS Mauretania proved to be rather eventful. Mere moments from getting into the hidden luggage lounge the piece of tentacle still attached to Pearl expanded and attacked. Everyone sprang into action, however Rupert used the staff found in the JuJu house and hit it once, cause great pain to himself made the tentacle vanish in a moments notice.

After a day of recovery and repair, the ship put to sea. Meeting many of the crew, including a cat loving captain and the ship’s Banker, as well as a new face, another book lover named Prof. Alvin Morely Paterson. Paterson seems most interested in the crew. There are rumors of break-ins in the hold where the Luggage Lounge is, and Chester and Rupert were approached to investigate the ship’s Magician on the theory he is using a brainwashing technique.

Arrival in France
Arrival in France.

pr96382-2-1677956-650x450-b-p-ffffff.jpgThe team arrives in France as the Mauritania docks. A strange file is delivered into the hands of Booker. What could it mean? Who even knows they are here?

OOG: Khang runs off with the file like a spy in the night sharing it with no one…..Who is this mystery man?

Enter the Librarians

Librarians_logo.jpgPearl Carlyle has been inducted into the sacred circle of The Librarians, a benevolent society of psychics, scholars and military deeply imbedded in institutions around the globe.
They have access , they have knowledge, they have recruited psychic talent from every continent armed with the depository archives at their fingertips.
Their charge is to house and record all occult tomes and magic items they come across in order to stop them from falling into nefarious hands to uphold and protect the Logos in service to the greater good.


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