Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

In the Beginning ( A summary)
Room 401

The team received a telegram from their good friend Jackson Elias. He claimed to have important information regarding the Carlyle expedition and wanted to meet with them on Jan 15th. The team arrived to find their friend brutally torn apart and a strange symbol carved into his forehead. Before they were able to take in the situation they were attacked by 5 assailants. A violent battle broke out leaving all the the assailants dead.

The only information they were able to retrieve came in the form of bloodied documents and papers. If they wanted to know more about their friends death it was going to take some digging.

Arrested by he police the team found themselves badly mistreated by the NYPD. Aggressive often vile interrogation tactics left them feeling very alienated from the police force, which was unable to hold the team longer in part to a lack of evidence suggesting anything other than self defence. Chester Carlyle used his influence to further effect the NYPD’s resolve in the matter. They were released on a warning and began following the clue trail.


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