William Butcher

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20151102_181438.jpgOwner and Editor in chief of The Butcher’s Bill
The Butcher Family


he Butcher family originated in the southern parts of the United States, and were known slave traders and masters. During the civil war, several became spies for the Confederacy in the north. After the war, many stayed there to try to help keep the spirit of the south alive. William’s father was the son of one such spy, and his feelings of the abolishment of slavery were well known in his home. William joined the KKK when approached by a friend of the family at a rather young age.

William “Bill” Butcher married his high school sweetheart Bernice at the age of 18. Pregnant, Bill went off to fight in the first World War. Serving mostly in Africa to attack German settlements there such as Cameroon. Bill’s disposition towards the locals had him in hot water, and he was dishonorably discharged after the massacre of a local tribe which, though could not be totally proven to be him as his men refused to turn on him, did lead to other charges and his removal from the army.

Returning Stateside, with stories of Africa hot on his heels, he began to write letters to the editors of several major papers about American involvement in major military actions which had no real impact on America. Rejected as mostly propoganda, his letters were returned by most of the paper, save one.

With child #2 on the way, the NY Evening Post offered William a permanent writing gig, thanks to the fact that a fellow Klansmen happened to work there.

Bill’s two daughters are Sarah aged 7 and Bonnie aged 2.

William Butcher

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