Rupert Harrington III

Smart, cunning, and a little on the crazy side....




From London, Rupert is a little too smart for his own good. Never one for a physical fight, Rupert became a moderately well known book aficionado, Rupert left England for New York rather quickly. Currently under the empty of Argosy Books as a rare book hound.

Rupert has seen much in his time with the Carlylse team. The darkness is starting to encrouch on him.

Soon after joining, Rupert began to have visions with the team, and eventually went mad from the sight of a strange creature in the walls of Argosy. It was this that drove him insane and spent time in the walls of Arkham Asylum. While there, he spoke with Bast, and sold himself to her service.

Using his new cat army, he helped the team defeat the Cult Of The Bloody Tounge in New York, and ventured from there to London. While on the ship the mauretania, Rupert and gang helped free several people from a powerful Ginn. One of those was a medium/Gypsy named Zalena. Rupert fell for Zelana, and the two have become an item.

Upon arrival back in London, Ruper and Zelana have opened a new book/occult store, “The Kings English”.

Rupert Harrington III

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