Prof. Alvin Morely Paterson

Bookish unnerving professor of the occult and arabic speaking cultures.


Name: Prof. Alvin Morely Paterson
Concept: Bookish unnerving professor of the occult and arabic speaking cultures.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d4
Skills: Fighting d6, Gambling d8, Knowledge (Cthulhu Mythos) d6, Knowledge (Occult) d8, Notice d6, Persuasion d8, Stealth d6, Swimming d4

Charisma: 0; Pace: 8; Parry: 5; Toughness: 4


  • Anemic: –2 to Fatigue tests
  • Bad Eyes (Minor): –2 to attack or notice something more than 5” distant


  • Common Bond: May give Bennies to companions
  • Elan: +2 when spending a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls)
  • Fleet-Footed: +2 Pace, d10 running die instead of d6
  • Great Luck: +2 Bennies per session
  • Level Headed: Act on best of two cards in combat

Gear: Glasses, Glass of Mortlan, Enchanted Brazier, Nameless Cults (Golden Goblin Edition)



Prof. Paterson is in his mid 40s. He is slender and bookish. HIs clothing is worn and he is usually seen with his nose burried in a volume of history or the occult. He carries a copy of the Nameless cults (Golden Goblin Edition) on his person with a dustjacket from a book on the history of arabic speaking nations.
Without his glasses he has a very hard time seeing and is careful with the pair he wears, having only one extra set in his luggage.
Can come off as quite rude without intending due to his abrupt nature. Quiet and nervous around strangers. Sees those around him as blind fools

He speaks fluent arabic and latin.
He is a member of the Freemasons and the order of the golden dawn.

Though he possesses spells he never demonstrates this knowledge to the uninitiated.
The powerful artifacts in his possession are kept hidden at all times in his luggage.

Prof. Alvin Morely Paterson

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