Jonah Kensington (Deceased)

Rough voiced publisher whose no-nonsense approach has served him well in a wild world


Jonah was reluctant to give it up Jackson’s notes especially the ones from London, but eventually gave in. He produced the Nairobi Notes of Jackson Elias as well as Jackson’s illegible message from London.

At 56, Kensington still displays the vigor’s of a younger man. Decades in publishing, his company strives to turn out works that will interest readers for generations to come.

Jackson Elias was an old friend, and Kensington is visibly saddened by his passing. He often warned Jackson that he should do less personal research, lest he make too many enemies. Obviously this time he got in over his head

He has not been seen for many days. Severed hand and ring went to Argosy Books as a threat.



Jonah Kensington (Deceased)

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