Boris Yayskov

Russian Agent



Born to landed gentry in a small town outside of Leningrad, Boris trained in the new sport, the Pentathlon. Sent to Moscow for a competition he became enthralled with the Calvary officers competing. As a landed bourgeois, he had to make the conscious decision to give up his entitlement and join the Red Army. He swore loyalty and went off to study at the WPRA 1st Soviet Military High School.
The army had just pulled out of Poland when he joined up and luckily he never saw the Polish front. He studied hard in political classes and was good at repeating verbatim what he had learned. As he continued to show strength in cavalry skills and political correctness, he excelled in training. At the time his weakness in history (which was being rewritten) and tactics did not hold him back.
He did however make a unknown enemy. During training, Boris, unhorsed a comrade cadet and by the name of Ivan Kinvilnov. Ivan shattered his leg, essentially ending his career as a military officer. This cadet was had close connections in the newly forming NKVD and was offered a post in the logistics department.
Boris was promoted to Captain upon graduation, as he showed all the expected strengths of a good Soviet officer, and there had been a large purge of officers who still had loyalty to the Whites. He was however surprised to be posted to the Mongolian front. A deadly, lonely and near exiled posting. His soldiers lacked discipline and basic soldiering skills. He was a staunch communist and trusted he was placed there for a reason and tried to turn the company around.
He was involved in a minor, but pivotal skirmish and was nominated by for a fairly prestigious medal, the order of the Red Banner, for his exploits. He was awarded this in Moscow and after the ceremony he was approached by a Lt. colonel and asked to partake in a special forces invasion on horseback into the Ukraine to combat Anarchists. By the end of 1921 he was again being nominated for the order of the red banner. Making him a Chevalier of the red order.
In early 1922, after the unit he’d been assigned to was disbanded, the unit commander offered to get him into the OGPU, a new outfit branching off from the notorious Checkas. His assignment was to infiltrate the The Russian all Military Union “Inner Circle” for a complex counter-intelligence operation called “Operation Trust” His work with this put him in deep cover as an anti-Bolshevik and try to out white army sympathizers in the country. His group laundered hundreds of thousand of rubles, dollars and deutschemarks. This then became the operating capital for black ops groups working for the OGPU. This came to end in 1925.
The next two years Boris spent training all his field skills. He was assigned a post as an instructor at his alma mater. By this time he had been promoted to Major and had kept his rank once entering the OGPU. He had just been giving the tenth anniversary OGPU award having enlisted in 1916.
Then out came the unseen enemy. Without a reason he was assigned to some obscure unit as the officer In charge. -OGPU,decorations,and_medals_of_the_Soviet_Union#Honorary_titles

Boris Yayskov

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