Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Radioactive Chester

hunting_horror.jpgThe Hunting horror on the roof of Argosy chased the team through the night sky doing serious damage to the rooftops of New York and raining bricks into the streets. Booker was very nearly lost to the horrors attacks. Finally the team confronted the horror in Central park just as Chester’s radioactivity reached full potential. With help from Rupert Harrington III, Chester was able to aim the blast despite the multi dimensional hallucinations the two were having. Rupert called upon favours from Bast but to little avail.
A full blast of energy spit forth from Chester’s mouth and eyes levelling the horror to nothing more than soft ashes in the night sky.

The amulet slipped off of Chesters neck and seemingly with a life of its own attempted to make an escape when Booker snatched it out of the air with on hand. But not before noticing that the gemstone in the centre no longer reflected the bright greens and blues it had before. Perhaps something has left the amulet? Can it be replaced?


Back at Argosy the team rested and patched each other up. Dr. Carlyle treated the team for radiation poisoning. It seems that Chester and Rupert have a favour to repay.


Krampus dv8r666

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