Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Ninja Cats

Secret foray into the Ju Ju house

Rupert used his connection to Bast, goddess of cats, to put together a small team of felines for the sole purpose of investigating the Ju-Ju house.
Napoleon had a terrible time getting in tumbling off crates and ending up finding a way through from the abandoned shop next door. Barotholomew, Shadow and Bojangles climbed in through an upper story window into the bedroom of Silas N’Kwane. He was awoken when the crates outside tipped over and he quickly shut the window. unable to sleep Silas N’Kwane indulged in mortification of the flesh with a leather strap set with broken glass.

The team headed through a vent to the lower floors where they encountered a sleepy dog. They found a secret hatch under a rug and were almost discovered when a shadowy figure arrived.
SIlas and the figure spoke of preparations and of a mother with child that would be needed for the next ceremony. The two villains headed down into the darkness below as the cats vanished out the from door.
Napoleon broke through wall and dodged a pack of hungry rats.


Krampus dv8r666

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