Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Mauritania Sets Sail


Booker was inexplicably aided in his escape by underworld “colleagues”.
Diego Sanchez was pushed back into the flaming building by McGurk who takes the trumpet from him before vanishing.
has a large section of alien flesh still affixed to her side.
The team escaped through the underground tunnels with assistance from the cats.

Safe aboard the Mauritania Booker LaChance , Chester Carlyle , Rupert Harrington III and Persephone ‘Pearl’ Carlyle secure themselves in the hidden compartment deep in the belly of the ship, but will such precautions be enough to keep them safe……Only time will tell.


Safely away in their room is Digits the Cat as well.

Mauritania Sets Sail
Krampus Krampus

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