Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Getting On The Boat

Adventures In International Waters

The first few days aboard the RMS Mauretania proved to be rather eventful. Mere moments from getting into the hidden luggage lounge the piece of tentacle still attached to Pearl expanded and attacked. Everyone sprang into action, however Rupert used the staff found in the JuJu house and hit it once, cause great pain to himself made the tentacle vanish in a moments notice.

After a day of recovery and repair, the ship put to sea. Meeting many of the crew, including a cat loving captain and the ship’s Banker, as well as a new face, another book lover named Prof. Alvin Morely Paterson. Paterson seems most interested in the crew. There are rumors of break-ins in the hold where the Luggage Lounge is, and Chester and Rupert were approached to investigate the ship’s Magician on the theory he is using a brainwashing technique.


Krampus dv8r666

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