Masks of Nyarlathotep SAVAGED!!!!

Bleeding For Your Art

art.jpgWith The King’s English being stocked with merch from Miss Olec’s (King Tut’s Tomb), Rupert and Zalena went to meet with Miles Shipley. That morning at breakfast, it was noted that the group was being followed by a Fezzed Egyptian. That Egyptian in turn was being followed as well.

Rupert and Zalena went off to Shipley’s to purchase a painting, while Chester and Pearl had buisness to attend to at Chester’s suit shop. The shipment of Egyptian Cotton was misdirected.

At Shipley’s, Rupert and Zalena literally ran into Crowley coming out. Rupert invited Crowley to a private showing of his own Shipley paintings at his store for that evening. Crowley, high as a kite, agreed to attend at 10pm.
Miles’ mother let the pair into his workshop after flashing some cash. Miles agreed to paint a commission after Rupert and Zalena drew their own blood for the paint. Miles shot up some strange green drug, and attempted an orgy which Rupert refused to join in, and an army of cats arrived to help him escape with most of his dignity in tact. Shipley has still agreed to paint a commission for Rupert.

There is to be a major party at The Kings English for this showing for Crowley. Pearl has written a prescription for narcotics for the party.


Krampus dv8r666

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